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Water purified with RO is the best way to get rid of Polluted Water & we as a RO service provider are the best option to keep your RO in shape. We offer affordable RO Installation, RO service, RO Repair in Gurgaon. Our strict policy of using superior quality spares & accessories keeps us ahead of our competition and also keeps our precious clients safe & happy. Call us now!

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Reverse osmosis or the RO is one of the best available water purification methods, which has been widely used in water purifiers. This is potent enough to treat water with modern technique and make it pure drinkable water. Now, having a water purifier that has RO technology is not the complete story because the other part is consisting of service tantrums. If you have a RO, then you ought to know a service center that diagnoses and make it workable again if any glitches arrive during working. Being one of the best RO/water purifier service providers, Perfect Healthcare is pretty popular among people in Gurgaon & Dwarka.

With more than 20 years of service experience at locations like Gurgaon, Janakpuri, Dwarka, Delhi Cant and other places at Delhi NCR backed by an expert technician, Perfect Healthcare is always ready to provide authentic quality service at a lower cost compared to other service provider in India.

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Service Charge for Domestic Ro – Rs. 150 (One Hundred Fifty Rupees).

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro – Rs.300 (Three Hundred Rupees).

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RO Troubleshooting

Strange smell, odd taste and odour in water

Clogged cartridges should be replaced right away, while a fouled membrane should be tested with a TDS process. It should be known that the TDS of clean water is 80% more than the water coming through a fouled membrane...

Cloudy or milky colour of water in RO system

The milky appearance of water will disappear by draining the tank once or twice in the initial few days. Know this that this symptom may show after filter changes, but the same is resolved by drainage of water from the tank...

Gurgling noise from the drain or faucet of the RO system

Blockages in drain in the reverse osmosis system can be cleansed with a wire. Besides, when water pressure is above 85 psi, it is ideal to set a pressure restricting valve on the track connected to the drinking water filtration system...

Low/sluggish water flow

Filtration cartridges come with a validity period, so it should be replaced from time to time to avoid blocked filters. The fouled membrane or choked filtration needs replacement as well...

No water comes out when you press the air valve of the RO system

Start by stopping water feed to the RO system. Keep the RO faucet open and allow air fill in the tank from the air valve by using air compressor or a bicycle pump. This will help force water from the faucet in a steady flow...

Leakage of water from the RO system unit or filter bowls

Contact the dealer for getting a replacement of the missing or damaged O-ring. The dealer makes sure that the O-ring is round and is adequately lubricated before placing it. It is also important to reposition the plastic ferrules correctly...

Continuous flow of water in RO system

A booster pump can only increase water pressure which is lower than 40 psi. On the contrary, when feed water pressure is above 85 psi, a pressure restricting valve can get a solution...

Very little water in the storage tank

To troubleshoot the problem, first vacate the water tank and then set the tank pressure around 5-7 psi. Mechanics will use a Digital Air Gauge to set an optimal tank pressure to ensure adequate amount of RO water in the storage tank...

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RO Installation

Next time when you buy bottled water from any shop, think twice. A research says that bottled water or tap water could actually be a major health risk. If left for a long time, bottled water becomes contaminated with chemicals called phthalates that gradually seep into the water causing severe impact to the human hormone and testosterone when drunk.

The study further suggests that it takes an average 10 weeks for phthalates to get dissolved in water. Having said that, you can pretty much imagine how long bottled water is kept in stores before being displayed on racks and then you buy the bottle for drinking purpose.

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AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO:

Sr. No. MODEL AMC PLAN Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Plastic Parts
1. Non Storage Manual Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
2. Non Storage Manual Comprehensive 3200.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Ro with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
4. Ro with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. RO+UV with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
6. RO+UV with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7. RO (UTC) Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
8. RO (UTC) Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No (incl. Faucet)

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