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Why us

We at Perfect Healthcare ensure quality service and expertise when it comes to combating water pollution and installing RO system successfully. We are counted for being profoundly experienced for over 20 years and being the leading AMC provider in keeping your RO in the right condition across various regions, especially in the regions of Gurgaon, Janakpuri, Dwarka and West Delhi.

The sole objective is to deal in a range of high quality water purifiers that stand at par, if not less, with any branded RO purifiers as available in India. What’s more, our group of dedicated technical experts ensure the use of best quality RO accessories and parts. We extend repairing and AMC sertvices to all small and big brands, the names of which include Aquaguard, Zero B, AquaFresh, Kent and other RO brands.

We send our specialist team of tech connoisseurs who are adept at providing services without leaving any space for mistakes. As per the contract settled between us and our customers, we provide 3-4 times services in a year. Rest assured we reach at your home with free services on calls at times of breakdown.

What are the benefits of buying AMC for RO?

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is important when you install a new RO system at home. With the contract, you receive maintenance services for different types of aqua pure water purifiers of the RO system. While an RO system ensures pure and safe water, it needs regular servicing and maintenance for running smoothly. If you ignore the routine maintenance procedure, you may have to face major replacement and repairing issues at the end.

If protected by an AMC contract, you are assured of a comprehensive maintenance agreement without any costs entailed. More so, you get services of the most qualified RO maintenance service provider for your RO systems, whether used in domestic, industrial or commercial applications.

The online RO system Delhi service provider treats every case of RO system issues with maximum care and attention. Needless to worry, you are guaranteed equal care, protection, benefits, and services even when the warranty period has expired. Prior to seeking AMC for RO services, do make sure that your water purifier system is regularly used and are there any disruptions in the performance in its regular usage.

Based on the above discussion, the following recapitulates the benefits of buying AMC with RO:

  • The AMC with RO contract provides you round-the-clock access to their personalized SMS services. This means any domestic, industrial or commercial hub can call the AMC service provider in time of breakdown of their system and also receive SMS services tailor-made as per customers needs.
  • The AMC service provider as offered by a company only uses the company’s own approved RO parts to meet any high expectations.
  • The online RO water purifier system maintenance contract serves you with high-grade repairing services. It has its own team of dedicated experts, professional engineers, and trained professionals who assure you top-class services. Besides, with AMC contract at your help, you are just a call away from experiencing the most-needed RO services.
  • What’s more, you are assured of great exchange schemes and unbelievable discount offers on your existing appliance.
  • Customers should know this, that if you take an AMC you are saved from the unexpected high repair cost. Outside an AMC, it is difficult to get the company’s-own RO parts at your place, which usually comes at exorbitant rates. However, with the AMC you get replacement services with authentic and operational parts, irrespective of how expensive they are along with labour charges.
  • The domestic RO maintenance contract reward their customers with bonus coverage and extra care of their RO appliance with plan renewing benefits.
  • Rest assured if the professional sent on the basis of the AMC contract fail to fix the problem in the RO system, they will refund the plan money.
  • You can book for the maintenance or repairing services anytime and from anywhere just by sending an email or SMS to their mobile phones or websites. You are then fixed an appointment with the provider on any feasible date.
  • Other benefits of buying AMC with RO include- safe operation of your system, discounts on purchases and repairs, increased efficiency of the RO system, reduction in electricity bills, repair services anytime without any overtime charges, highest level of comfort reached at your home, enhanced life expectancy, high production level of hot water from your water heater, minimized risk of inconvenience and guaranteed priority service at your doorstep as per your convenience.

What are the two types of AMCs available?

If you want to feel safe about the health of you and your family, get an RO installed. While an RO system (reverse osmosis system) uses a certain degree of pressure on water to pass through a semi-permeable RO membrane to help it deionoze or demineralise.

To ensure that your RO system is working fine and keeping it in the best of working condition, buy an AMC (Annual maintenance Contract) with the RO. The contract will fetch you maintenance services, repairing or replacement of authentic system parts and other related service even when the warranty period is over. However, it should be known that there two types of AMCs available, comprehensive AMC and non-comprehensive AMC.

Comprehensive AMC- This type of annual maintenance contract include services for repairing, replacement of dysfunctional parts with the company’s own original RO parts and repairing services for breakdown of your system.

Non-comprehensive AMC- A non-comprehensive AMC, on the other hand, is an annual contract that provides coverage for only repairing, but does not include a replacement of the damages part of the system.

How you get saved from frequent breakdowns of RO as it is being serviced periodically?

There is no guarantee when a machine may breakdown. If you have installed an RO system, it is susceptible to breakage and damage that may increase the repairing costs. Some feel that a machine failure is inevitable with the passage of time, but to prevent frequent breakdown of RO, you can ensure a few things:

  • Clean and lubricate the machine occasionally. If you can, clean your RO system atleast once a month by calling up professional service provider on the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).
  • Use corrosion inhibitors and rust inhibitors that prevent water from getting into contact with water by bonding with the alloy’s surface. Take tips from experts on AMC that you bought with your RO system.
  • Taking note of how you or others are using the RO system. This will give you a prior notion about any possibility of breakdown. Far better, if you seek professional help on AMC since they will monitor your system at regular interval to keep an account of how your RO is functioning.
  • Setting up a preventive maintenance schedule is important. It’s important that you keep a check on the RO components and parts from time to time. Only expertise help through the Annual Maintenance Contract will help you maintain the reverse osmosis system functioning efficiently.

Thus, keeping frequent checks and vigilance of your RO system periodically ensures that the system is running fine without any issues.

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO:

Sr. No. MODEL AMC PLAN Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Plastic Parts
1. Non Storage Manual Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
2. Non Storage Manual Comprehensive 3200.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Ro with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
4. Ro with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. RO+UV with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
6. RO+UV with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7. RO (UTC) Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
8. RO (UTC) Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No (incl. Faucet)
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