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Aquafresh RO Repair & Service in Gurgaon

Among various other available service centers for Aquafresh RO in Gurgaon, Perfect healthcare is the best place to bank upon. Owing to the fact that this service center of Aquafresh RO purifiers provides the best service it has managed to achieve great height with its 20 years of experience.

Visit us if you are looking for:

  • The best place to maintain your Aquafresh RO water purifiers
  • Wallet efficient service center for your Aquafresh RO
  • Well equipped and well-trained technicians
  • Best spare tools for your RO

A service charge of Domestic RO – Rs.150

The cost of installing domestic RO – Rs.300

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO:

Sr. No. MODEL AMC PLAN Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Defective Parts(Others)
1. Non Storage Manual Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
2. Non Storage Manual Comprehensive 3200.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Ro with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
4. Ro with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. RO+UV with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
6. RO+UV with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7. RO (UTC) Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
8. RO (UTC) Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (incl. Faucet)

The occurrence of the big bang has made the world, the perfect position of the planet earth has made it able to sustain life in it & also sustained all the essential life supporting elements like air, land, and water. Among these three essential elements, water is considered to be the most important, because it supported life the most gave the birth to the human race. How!

According to the scientists, a multicellular organism like human came into existence because of a unicellular organism like an amoeba. This amoeba was first formed in water, and thus water is the most precious among the three key elements that gave birth to a life. This natural resource is properly persevered by the mother earth in its womb under the layer of mid-soil. However, being the most selfish race in the world, the human is exploiting this natural resource to an extreme level.

Since the industrial revolution, factories & big plants came up, which are dumping their waste into rivers that are profoundly affecting the marine ecosystem and finally resulting in polluted water. Besides this, garbage of household & waste of farms are dumped into the river, which is making it unfit for drinking. For instance, though Delhi is the capital city of India, it has the dirtiest river, drainage system in India & Gurgaon is also not any different. Having pure water at the residence is like a boon of God.

In this situation, one of the most important things that can save the life is the RO, which are made to clean water and disinfect it from any malicious items. Let’s look into the importance of these RO.

How to Get Pure Water?

The ideal way to get your drinking water purified is installing a water purifier. Having a home purifier water system that services your drinking water will greatly help to improve your family’s health in many ways.

Do You Need Water Purifier!

If you are a citizen of India, then you must know that the contamination level of the water is too high here. The significant amount of arsenic, chlorine, and iron is present in the water that's making it unfit for drinking. However, without any proper water treatment center, people in this country are forced to drink this contaminated water. This may cause a serious health issue. In order to get rid of a situation, the only thing that can help us is the water RO purifiers like Aquafresh.

The RO is a durable, sturdy and a light weight machine that designed to clean the contaminated water. Be it a wealthy or poor; everyone nowadays requires a purifier for fresh drinking water. It also helps eliminate the bad odor that spoils the taste of water. Besides this, RO water purifiers use UV rays to kill present germ in water to make it pure and fresh.

Why RO from Aquafresh

Reverse osmosis is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century that helps to keep away all levels of water contamination from your drinking water. Moreover, if your water is smelly or has bad taste, then Aquafresh RO can solve the problem easily. Besides these, some other important usage, as well as the advantage of RO purifiers like Aquafresh, is mentioned below.

  • Lowers the contamination level of arsenic, zinc, iron and other metals
  • Turns your water into a soft water
  • Cooking can be better off using the purified water from a purifier
  • Chances of having lead in your water can be reduced to zero

Owing to these enormous advantages the number of acquiring Aquafresh RO water purifiers is rising day by day. However, buying a purifier is a separate thing because knowing a service center that provides excellent service is also important. If you are a resident of Gurgaon, then this is a must because the contamination level in Gurgaon is too higher than the considerable limit. It makes the purifier to break down now and then in a situation like this; the only place that can help you is the service center like Perfect Healthcare.

How an Aquafresh RO Service Center Can Help You

If you are having a problem with your Aquafresh RO, then it is good to visit a service center otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to manage it tantrums sitting at home ideal. Calling an Aquafresh RO service center like Perfect Healthcare not only ensure proper maintenance of your RO/water purifier, but also ensure that it will continue working for a longer period, once get serviced here. Besides this, our excellent RO service center ensures that your purifier doesn’t get out of order as soon as some particles of arsenic, chlorine, iron or any other metal stuck in the filtration chamber. Moreover, certified spare parts and experienced engineers of this service center ensure that you get the best service at a relatively low cost.

Reason behind Choosing the Perfect Healthcare

When it comes to Aquafresh RO/water purifiers, then Perfect Healthcare is a well known and popular brand in Gurgaon. Highly trained and highly equipped group of the technician is always focused on their task and willing to serve you their best. Below are some other reasons behind choosing the Perfect healthcare.

  • Highly experienced and well-equipped service executive
  • Wallet-friendly service
  • Vast network spread all over the Delhi. Places like Gurgaon, Dwarka, Delhi Cantt, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri and several other prominent locations we have the access to
  • Only the original spare parts are used to perform the servicing and maintenance task
  • Time of servicing is lower compared to other service centers

Among various other available service centers of Aquafresh RO, Perfect healthcare is the best place to bank upon. Owing to the fact that this service center of Aquafresh RO/water purifier provides the best service. With the 20 years of experience and trust of more than 10000 satisfied customers, Perfect Healthcare is the ideal place for servicing Aquafresh RO.

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