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Perfect Healthcare is the renowned Kent RO water purifier service center in Gurgaon, which you can bank upon undoubtedly. We are Kent RO service center in Gurgaon, providing repair, services & AMC for Kent RO in Gurgaon. With our 20 years of experience, we are always ready to serve you the best.

Reach us immediately if:

  • You are searching for a Kent RO service center with an extensive network that covers all the major location of Gurgaon & Delhi
  • Best in class service
  • Willing to get your RO serviced and maintained with genuine original spare parts
  • Want to pay a reasonable amount for your water purification service, maintenance

Domestic RO service charge – Rs. 150

Domestic RO installation cost – Rs.300

Domestic Ro AMC Contract Terms and condition

Sr. No. MODEL AMC PLAN Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Defective Parts(Others)
1. Non Storage Manual Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
2. Non Storage Manual Comprehensive 3200.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Ro with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
4. Ro with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. RO+UV with Storage Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
6. RO+UV with Storage Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7. RO (UTC) Non-Comprehensive 2200.00 Yes Yes No No No
8. RO (UTC) Comprehensive 3500.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (incl. Faucet)

From creating life to sustaining it, water is responsible for everything. Without this liquid neither we nor any living thing could have come into existence. Though it has many names, for instance, some call it aqua, some call it pani, or some call it by another name; whatever it is this natural resources serves in the same fashion and same manner whoever drinks it. Whether you are burning under the scorching heat of the sun in Rajasthan or getting icy cold owing to the chilling temperature in Ladakh, a pale of water will make you feel energized, refreshed and charming than ever before. This purest form of a natural resource is always ready to make your thirst waved off and let you do a bit more task. Thus, it poses a lot of importance in our life.

Being the most intelligent race in this world human knows the importance of water, but unfortunately human being, one of the most selfish animals in this world doesn’t take care of this natural resource properly. It may be due to the negligence or owing to the fact of the abundance of water. Whatever it is, people are exploiting water to the fullest by polluting it day by day. Some of the ways by which human race is contaminating the water are described below.

  • According to scientists, 2/3rd of the earth is filled with water and out of this only 3% is drinkable. Though the fraction is huge, but in reality, it is enough to wave off the thirst of 700 billion people. However, unmanageable consumption of water is making it a scares natural resource
  • Factories that are producing chemicals and bio-engineered products are dumping their waste into the rivers that are making the water highly polluted
  • Pesticides and insecticides are carried to river through rain water making this natural resource contaminated
  • Garbage from household and contaminated water from the sewer system is dumped into the rivers, which is making the water highly polluted natural resource

Owing to these externalities, water is losing its charisma day by day. It can neither sustain new life and moreover, the present marine life is being profoundly affected by this water pollution. When it comes to the water pollution level in India, then among various other cities, Delhi NCR is considered to have the dirtiest water in the whole country. Having a pale of clean drinking water in places like Dwarka, Gurgaon, Vikaspuri, Delhi Cantt and other areas of this capital state is like a boon. Water is highly contaminated and the excessive amount of arsenic, iron presence is making it dangerous for all the living animals including a citizen of Delhi.

How to Get Rid of Water Contamination

Ganges the main river of India is considered as the most polluted river in the world and the second in the list of the most polluted river is the Yamuna that flows through Delhi. Thus you might have heard from your elder people that having pure drinkable water in Delhi NCR like their time is not possible in the era of industrialization. This is not the case. Well, it was until few years back but not today because with the water purifiers from the brands like Kent that comes with the Reverse Osmosis (RO) techniques make it pretty easier to have clean, fresh drinkable water.

Advantage If Having Kent RO

One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the RO/water purifiers that purifies water with any amount of impurities and make it drinkable. However, innovating RO technology for the water purification completes the circle of making a reliable machine that filters water. Some of the key advantages of having a Kent RO Systems swith RO technology is mentioned below.

  • Being a water purifying system, its duty is to purify water in a best possible way, and it does so. According to researchers using RO filtering water up 99% is guaranteed. Thus, in case of Gurgaon & Delhi, a purifier with RO technology is really in high demand
  • Besides cleaning water RO technology adds some essential minerals to the water for making it healthier
  • Like any other purification method, it doesn’t separate away essential minerals from the water, it only controls the predefined level of mineral presence
  • If you have digestion problem or acidity, then the RO technology can be handy because it keeps the water pH level 7

Owing to these enormous advantages, it is great to have RO/water purifier from a brand like Kent that provides proper water purification coupling their devices with the latest RO techniques. Having a water purifier with the RO technology is the half of the story. Once you buy a purifier, then it may get out of service because the water is highly contaminated. Thus, knowing a service center that provides authentic service at a reasonable price is very important for smooth service of your RO/water purifier. If you are a buyer from Gurgaon, then knowing a good kent service center is highly essential because water at this place is almost 95% contaminated that makes it unfit for drinking. Moreover, excessive arsenic and the presence of iron make it really hard for the water purifiers to work smoothly.

If you are looking for experienced and authorized Kent RO service center in Gurgaon, then the best option you have is the Perfect Healthcare. With the 20 years of quality service experience and almost 10000 satisfied customers, this is the best available service center in Gurgaon. Not only servicing of Kent RO is done here but also repairing, maintenance, up gradation, installation & annual maintenance , is done by the well trained and highly experienced team of Perfect Healthcare.

Why Perfect Healthcare!

We are a Kent RO service center that provides excellent service with having 20 years of service & repair experience. Some of the essential reasons for choosing us are mentioned below.

Good Technicians

Perfect Healthcare is a well known and popular brand in Gurgaon & Delhi; we are always ready to serve you in the best possible way. Our highly trained and highly equipped group of the technician is always focused on their task and willing to serve you their best. Besides this, we are in this sector for more than 20 years, thus we know that how badly you need your RO to work smoothly and appropriately. Thus, with utmost precision and timing, we take care of your Kent RO and keeps it working 24 x 7.

Quality Spare Parts

Being a service center of Kent RO, we use quality components which are genuine & are of high quality. Maintenance equipment employed by are also of high quality that ensures no harm to your costly water purifier.

Less Time Requirement

When it comes to the water purification in Gurgaon, then every house is equipped with their personal water purifier like Kent RO. This entails the severity of water pollution and in this condition, if your purifier gets out of order, then the amount of tantrums you have to face is huge. We understand this and thus assure you that if you come to us, we will deliver you the services as per your working hours as soon as possible

Perfect Healthcare is the renowned Kent RO/water purifier service center in Gurgaon in which you can bank upon undoubtedly. Visit as if you face any problem with your Kent RO as soon as possible and we will make it all right again. That a promise!

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